Early Bands

The early days in England had Sheila playing bass for the first time. The days of hot-pants and stacked-boots; spandex and long hair--and that was just the guys.

The 70's & 80's were such a refreshing time for music. Country, Rock, Motown, and Disco were all topping the charts. Bands had to be good at all genres to keep working. It was a great training ground and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Bob Haines, Bob Waller and Sheila on her first bass, a "Shaftsbury" working in SW England until the next line-up. The versatile Jon Rudd Band had a 5-year residency at "Pontins" Holiday Camp. 6 nights a week throughout the long seasons and road-work in the winter months kept us in shape. "Heartbeat" was Harvey Coles on guitar and Sheila rocking out with the US troops in the Persian Gulf for 9 years.

The Jon Rudd Band -
England: 1978 - 1983.
Tina Spector, fellow vocalist and friend, still performs in the UK and teaches piano and singing. The other guys are also still fully pro and in the UK.

"Bond" - England, 1983

later became the 'duo'
"Heartbeat" '83 - '92.

"The Stevie Legend Band" on "Carnival Cruises" 1993- '99.

Here on the "Tropical" with friend & Cruise Director (left), Lenny Halliday, 1994.

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