Up-date: October, 2014: New Band is on its' way

Sadly, our three-piece band, Ashpack - broke-up in the Spring this year.  Due to health reasons, we are seeking new musicians to join us.  I feel we're getting close to the next adventure and wish our previous guitarist/tenor vocalist good luck and stronger health.   So - the next line-up is likely to be more acoustic -  but for sure, will have well-voiced and well-rehearsed vocals!   I foresee perhaps some interesting instruments to join our bass, varied guitars and mandolin.

Another change for Bram Stoker - JUNE 2012.

Due to similar problems that we also experienced with the drummer earlier in the year, (causing us to leave the band), Tony has had to make more changes.

Before we left Bram Stoker:

"Bram Stoker" Split.....

"Bram Stoker" Split.....

I'm very sad to announce that our band, "Bram Stoker" has split,

- right down the middle. Due to some 'unrest' and very hurt-feelings, Harvey and I are heading for new ground. I wish Tony (my lovely brother and amazing keyboard player - yes, that's us in the pic), all the best with the new line-up and hope he fulfills his dream of reincarnating the original "Bram Stoker" from the 60's.

First Gig at the Yew Tree

First Gig at the Yew Tree

Our first gig as  Bram Stoker -  breaking the ice.  It's good to be playing out again with new songs and high enthusiasm.  We have all gone full-circle - all in different directions since this band was together last in 1973.  Now we'll just see what happens................  

"Bram Stoker" working towards mutual goals

The band are presently writing and rehearsing hard towards a new album and performances in 2011.  Some tracks are re-arranged, re-recorded and modernized favourite numbers from the original band of the 60's.

Bram Stoker" - Born again 2010 pictures

Bram Stoker" - Born again 2010 pictures

Photo session in Wilton, Wiltshire.

NEW BAND - The reformation of 'BRAM STOKER"

"Bram Stoker" was the very first band I was in - all prior to playing bass. The first, original phase of Bram Stoker was formed in 1968 and consisted of: Pete Ballam (guitar); Rob Haines (drums); Tony Bronsdon (Hammond organ); Jon Bavin (bass).   Harvey Coles joined in 1971 on bass and I joined the same time as vocalist/dancer.  We did a years' tour in Turkey, Greece and Italy and on returning in 1973, all went our own ways.

What a cliche - but it was THE Perfect Day

Gorgeous wedding; Delicious food, great Reception; Family, friends and lots of musicians - not forgetting Cheeky, our four-legged 'Flower-Girl' - all made this a Perfect Day.  Even the blossoms bloomed on que..... tomorrow back to business of 'band rehearsals'!

Too late to turn back now!

Too late to turn back now!

A small but delightfully informal turn-out;  Brother (Tony) played "Trumpet Voluntary" as my Father walked me down the aisle;  Hilary (Cousin) played our hymns and the place had a huge percentage of musicians which was nice when it came to the singing bits!

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