NEW BAND - The reformation of 'BRAM STOKER"

"Bram Stoker" was the very first band I was in - all prior to playing bass. The first, original phase of Bram Stoker was formed in 1968 and consisted of: Pete Ballam (guitar); Rob Haines (drums); Tony Bronsdon (Hammond organ); Jon Bavin (bass).   Harvey Coles joined in 1971 on bass and I joined the same time as vocalist/dancer.  We did a years' tour in Turkey, Greece and Italy and on returning in 1973, all went our own ways.

When Harvey and I came back from the USA in July 2009, "Bram Stoker" was reforming, after 38 years.  They needed guitar and bass - so, as 'fate' had it - the timing was perfect for us.  We are delighted to be back in the band, with original members Tony and Rob - pretty much a family band for me, as I'm sister to one, ex-girlfriend to another and married to the third!

We are presently working hard on writing all fresh material; rehearsing very regularly and getting prepared for some debut performances as soon as we can.  A CD is in the pipeline and all I can say is - 'Watch this Space' for announcements.  The official website for the band is: 

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