Before we left Bram Stoker:

As an up-date, as from June 2012 - Bram Stoker will be carrying on with Tony    Bronsdon on Keys (my Bro) and session musicians for a studio.  He will be recording an album with new bassplayer and recording engineer, Tony Lowe.   The band - as it was, has now broken up, due to further problems with the drummer, Rob Haines - who has now been 'let go'.  Tony will do well and I support and wish him all the best in his new venture.

Harvey and I are now in a new band, working on a refreshing song-list.  It's in the style of 'Accoustic-Rock' -  with well-voiced 3-part harmonies.  Harvey continues to arrange all the music and voicings.  Watch this space for news, photos and gigs as the summer progresses.  We're so new, that we don't YET have a name!... but damn, it's FUN.

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