Up-date: October, 2014: New Band is on its' way

Sadly, our three-piece band, Ashpack - broke-up in the Spring this year.  Due to health reasons, we are seeking new musicians to join us.  I feel we're getting close to the next adventure and wish our previous guitarist/tenor vocalist good luck and stronger health.   So - the next line-up is likely to be more acoustic -  but for sure, will have well-voiced and well-rehearsed vocals!   I foresee perhaps some interesting instruments to join our bass, varied guitars and mandolin.

WATCH THIS SPACE - PLAN B is on the horizon! 

Re-formed and ready to rock..... but this time 'acoustically' -

Same people; new attitude; new approach - 'acoustic' - NEW BAND!   I wasn't expecting

our guitarist to recover, miss the band and want to re-form..... but life is full of surprises!


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