Sheila Marries Soulmate and Guitarist, Harvey D'Arcy Coles.

When Harvey came to see me in Florida from Texas, in 2007, it began 'Our Story' the 2nd time around...after 15 years apart. So, long story short - we got married on "Cinco de Mayo" this year - for those unfamiliar with that special date in the Americas, it was Wednesday, 5th of May. The amazing Chapel-Blessing in our village of Fovant, outside Salisbury was preceded by a quick Registry Office legal ceremony earlier that morning.

Soloist Promo for the UK

Soloist Promo for the UK

Soloist Promo taken in the Village of Fovant, Wiltshire, England.

Also available as our Duo - "Sheila & Harvey"

Also available as our Duo - "Sheila & Harvey"

Soloist or Duo - we're up and ready for a British audience.  We're sticking to 'our roots' of Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz and maybe a smidgen of Country if wanted..... take us back to 'The Gulf' eh?!

Seriously Folks we're here and ready to gig within an hours' radius from Salisbury.  If your budget allows, we also have a great drummer available to 'up' us to a tasty trio.

Back in the 'Old World'

The Tables Turn but 'Life is Good'

Farewell to Lady Liberty - Aboard the "Queen Mary 2" to Southampton

Sailing from NY

We got wind-blown; we were rediculously well-fed; we met the Captain at his party (of-course!) and we lived like King and Queen for 6 days and nights.

"Borderline" gets new guitarist addition.

Friend, Soul-mate and fellow musician, Harvey Coles now joins us on "Borderline" gigs.  As a blues guitarist, he's in my top 5 and with Bill, our awsome drummer - gigs are bags of fun.

Harvey is 'standing in' for me on bass, while I'm in England and also 'keeping the home-fires burning'..... (now there's a title for a song!).

Travel Map

New Band in Delray Beach

I recently joined a band in Delray Beach - nice and 'close to home'!  We're called "Borderline" (I think we should be "Borderline Blues" - as that's what we predominently play!).  I'll get some pics on the site at the next gig coming up.  We're a 5-piece but do a few 'unplugged' do's with just bass/keys and vocals.   The band is Carlos, keys; guitar and vocals; Keith, guitar and vocals; Bill drummer-superb; Casey, Vocals and 'yours truly bass and vocal

On tour with the "Puppetone Rockers"!

On tour with the "Puppetone Rockers"!

I went on tour to Port Charlotte to do some shows with the "Puppetone Rockers".  The guys Bobby Hill and Jerry Peacock were fun to work with - not to mention the old dudes in the band!

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